Non Casting Workshops 2017


Non Casting Workshops

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A Workshop offered several years ago How to make a "Balsa Wood Popper" CLick Here



YOUTH WORKSHOP                                                                                                                             9:00AM-3:00 PM SATURDAY 

You may sign up for this workshop on our registration section on our website.  Go to, link onto “Fly Fishing Fair”, go to “registration” and sign up.  This work shop includes lunch and a fly rod kit at the end of the class.  You will be introduced to fly tying, fly casting and fly fishing techniques.  The event starts at 9AM with Mike Koslosky’s class “Match The Hatch”, at 10AM fly tying class with a professional fly tyer, 11 AM will be casting instruction, lunch, afternoon of casting or fly tying – your choice.  Cost is $40



All About Lines and Leaders                                                          Al Buhr                                            10:30AM to NOON Saturday   Classroom



Steven Fernandez                                                                      Trout Fly Class                                               9AM – NOON Saturday

Trout Fly Class. Generally this should be about a 4 hour course.  This workshop will tie two flies such as Steven's  Tutti Frutti Ben Franklin and a Western Coachman. Rather than crank out numerous flies, the workshop will concentrate on teaching the basic techniques in a precise way. Think Wayne Luallen. This workshop an 8 student’s maximum of at least intermediate skill level. Cost of the Workshop is $75.  Please register online













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